About Us

Bali Cycling Tour brings together the best in biking adventure tourism in Ubud. With us you can enjoy your biking trip through the paddy field, meet the locals and family, see and learn about their space in the compound, learn about rice cultivation or even take a part into the local ceremony.

We are a team of young people who believe in our tradition and the important of farming in Bali. Some of us has work abroad to see the different culture of other country. The experiences we get abroad now lead us to… create some alternative adventure at the same time it brings the unique and real experience (countryside) to the visitor, mean while we can contribute to the local farmer community.

What do we do?

We enjoy taking you to see Bali’s wonderful locations and sights . Staffed by wildlife enthusiasts and dedicated travel professionals, we are passionate about organizing outstanding, competitively priced, responsible travel experiences in Bali. Our programme of tours includes treks, activities, sports, excursions and holidays to suit all kinds of tourists and travellers, we cater for people and groups of all ages and nationalities.

Where are we based?

Based in the cultural city of Ubud in a splendid little office in the south of the City. Come Visit You are always welcome to pop in and see us to discuss your tour or trip.